Rubberwala Housing & Infrastructure Ltd. was founded in its earlier avatar as Shaikh & Associates in 2001 by Mr. Tabrez Shaikh. The firm consisting of architects and engineers is still a fully functional company today. The family owned company pursues a broad variety of projects, including the construction of commercial and residential spaces, commercial offices, hotels and infrastructure. The company also provides a broad range of pre-construction and post-construction services including scheduling, estimating, budgeting, zoning and code compliance, bid packaging, engineering and status reporting, as well as certificates of occupancy, warranty programs, moving services, and as-built documentation. RHIL also offers development services, such as land acquisition, feasibility studies, financing, and leasing.

The first ambitious project undertaken by Shaikh & Associates in 2002 was "Ameena Heights" in South Mumbai. This primary project was an astounding success which accelerated the company to greater heights.

In 2003 M/s Rubberwala Developers Pvt. Ltd. was formed with the addition of two more directors.

Mr. Parvez Shaikh as Managing Director whose vision was to bring the family run company on par with other leading constructions companies in India.

Humayun Shaikh as Executive Director, manages administration and project management, utilizing best practices to further enhance the running of RHIL.

In 2009 the current name of Rubberwala Housing Infrastructure Ltd. was formulated to develop and boost the company forward into the future.